Friday, February 24, 2012


      As of February 23rd, 2012, The Foxy Feet OFFICIAL Web Site has gone LIVE !  The NEW and PERMANENT Online Store is NOW Located at : .

      The OLD site was : however that web address will now be FORWARDED to the NEW address.  NOW that the NEW ONLINE STORE has gone LIVE, we are working hard on Shaping the NEW ONLINE STORE and stocking it with all new products to offer.

      This is just 1 more step closer to us starting business,, offering high quality products to our online customers and we are ESPECIALLY looking forward to HIRING NEW EMPLOYEES to OFFER EMPLOYMENT to needy out of work AMERICANS.  This not only BOOSTS JOB GROWTH, but it also DROPS the UNemployment rate and helps GOOD HARD WORDING AMERICANS to get back on their feet, provide for their families and help this country collectively move forward as a whole, boosting the ECONOMY !




Tuesday, January 17, 2012


      As we work hard in the background to get Foxy Feet, ON IT's FEET, we have approached a critical point where we need your help to launch our new company and create new jobs.  We are asking for DONATIONS to help us get started and fully on OUR FEET.  You can help by clicking on the DONATIONS button at the TOP.

      As the economy GROWS, the successful start of NEW BUSINESSES will in turn create NEW JOBS which will help push the continued growth and success of our economy.  Foxy Feet aims to do just that, help our economy grow and create NEW JOBS.  OUR OFFICIAL Online Store Site will be going LIVE SOON and will be hosted at :   

      However, we can not do it alone.  TEAM WORK is the keep element to all our future success, together.  Please join our team and DONATE to Foxy Feet so that we may grow strong and in turn help create NEW JOBS to support the continued growth of our strengthening economy.  We THANK YOU for your Love and SUPPORT !


Sunday, January 15, 2012


Building a NEW Business is never easy.  Determination, Team Work and Compromise are always the keys to success.  We are Seeking Sponsors & New Products.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stomping Hard

Foxy Feet is getting CLOSE to Finally Launching !  Thank you to all those who support & Follow us.  We are working on the new web site & it should be up & running very soon.  We are currently talking with new footwear distributors in hopes of offering all new merchandise that will absolutely WOW you.  We are STOMPING HARD to get things going fast !

If you are in The Richmond, Virginia area and looking for a job (NO Experience Necessary or needed), e-mail you resume to us at : .  Good things are happening.  It's a New year & we have a whole NEW Positive Attitude to ensure you can strut your stuff & show off your Foxy Feet !


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

UpDate : December 26th, 2011

We here at Foxy Feet hope that you all enjoy a very festive holiday season.

We are so PROUD to announce that our NEW site is coming together fast & we will be going LIVE SOON !  We have HOT Brands coming on board with GREAT Product offerings.  

If you would like to market your Beautiful Footwear to Foxy Feet customers, please just us know.  E-mail us at :  We will be more than happy to work with you & welcome you & your product line on board.

Our OFFICIAL Web Site is being built & will go live soon at : 

Stay tuned for more...

Foxy Feet 

Foxy Feet

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