Tuesday, January 17, 2012


      As we work hard in the background to get Foxy Feet, ON IT's FEET, we have approached a critical point where we need your help to launch our new company and create new jobs.  We are asking for DONATIONS to help us get started and fully on OUR FEET.  You can help by clicking on the DONATIONS button at the TOP.

      As the economy GROWS, the successful start of NEW BUSINESSES will in turn create NEW JOBS which will help push the continued growth and success of our economy.  Foxy Feet aims to do just that, help our economy grow and create NEW JOBS.  OUR OFFICIAL Online Store Site will be going LIVE SOON and will be hosted at : www.FoxyFeet.info   

      However, we can not do it alone.  TEAM WORK is the keep element to all our future success, together.  Please join our team and DONATE to Foxy Feet so that we may grow strong and in turn help create NEW JOBS to support the continued growth of our strengthening economy.  We THANK YOU for your Love and SUPPORT !


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